The Men’s Sergeant Sexy Costume


Take control of the situation with the Men’s Sergeant Sexy Costume. Arrest any naughty citizens as a police officer at your next get together.

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Totally ArrestingWhoa! Look at you, Mr. Sergeant Sexy. The sight of you has totally taken us by surprise. You’re absolutely breathtaking in this blue and black combo. Of course, we hope you don’t get into any real trouble with the law this Halloween, that could get…confusing. But we know you’ll behave yourself and help keep order and your big Halloween bash. When guests start to arrive, you’ll need to lay down the law. Only people having FUN may remain at your party. If nothing else, your striking appearance will entrance everyone there and no foul play will be possible from such a besotted bunch. Bravo!Product DetailsNot only is this Men’s Sergeant Sexy Costume cool to wear, but it’s also comfy! It features a sleeveless button-front shirt that you can wear with your own pair of black pants. Embroidered patches sit above functional shirt pockets and POLICE is printed across the back for authenticity. Don’t worry, Sarge, we know neckties can be a total pain, which is why this one comes pre-tied for your convenience. Just slip on the adjustable hat and your most authoritative voice, because the whole party will want to join your squad once you roll in wearing this!Hot TakeThere may not be anything new about a police costume for Halloween, but this rendition is seriously smokin’! Add your own aviators or a set of play handcuffs for the whole effect, and just remember to be fair when laying down the law. It should be illegal to look this good!

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