The Cat in the Hat Costume Toddler


Make story hour even more fun with your little one with this The Cat in the Hat Toddler Costume! This costume features a full length jumpsuit with an attached red bow.

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A Seusstastic IdeaThe sun did not shine / it was too wet to play. Baby sat in the house all that cold, cold, wet day.The playroom was boring, the skies were a sad gray, / An epic fuss-fit was two seconds away.But then Mommy said, with a gleam in her eye, “I know something fun that we just might try!Let’s play make-believe – we can all disappear / into fantasy-land, when we wear the right is saving the day / With an array of costume out on display.With not one, not two, but thousands of choices / We’ll be shouting with glee at the top of our voices.We’ll be having some fun in two seconds flat – Let’s dress you up as the Cat in the Hat!”Product DescriptionTed Giesel would definitely approve of this playful outfit! Your little sweetie will bring giggles and whimsy everywhere she goes in this Toddler The Cat in the Hat Costume! The snuggly black and white cat jumpsuit is made of super-soft polyester for comfortable play. The tail is perfect for whirling and twirling, and it attaches to the jumpsuit’s seat with a hook and loop fastener. An oversized, red felt bow tie attaches jauntily to the jumpsuit’s neck. Of course, what is Dr. Seuss’s famous Cat without his Hat? The striped, red and white stovepipe lid fits most heads. Playtime for all! (Except for that buzzkill fish.)It’s Fun to Have FunRemember, dear children, when this costume you wear / To always follow the advice that we bear:Play hard and have fun, but when you are through / Be sure to put all of your toys away too!

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