Teen Leprechaun Costume


This teen leprechaun costume is all about cutting loose and having some fun in the middle of March. Girls always take notice of the green outfit on St. Patrick’s Day.

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Top o’ the morning, brah. Teen Leprechauns have it rough. They can’t make the basketball team like Teen Wolves, they can’t just float through life like Teen Ghosts, and acne really stands out on that pale, ginger complexion. It’s all waiting for Shamrock Shakes to be available again and hiding your pot of gold from Mom Leprechaun.Leprechauns might seem very specific to one country or time of year, but they’re more versatile than we give them credit for. Whether in space, in the ‘hood, or just at the breakfast table, everybody loves a leprechaun. And who couldn’t use a extra little luck in their life? We at HalloweenCostumes.com would be happy to find any amount of gold no matter what time of year it is! The treasure’s guarded by a tiny man, you say? And he wants to trick me? And it’ll raise questions about where it came from if I transfer that much gold to cash? This is seeming less and less lucky.While teens may not be able to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day the traditional way, this Teen Leprechaun outfit is still perfect for bringing putting that twinkle in your eye during any teen activity like bumming around the mall, practicing parallel parking or serving up curly fries. Our Teen Leprechaun costume includes a forest green vest with gold buttons, a kelly green jacket with velvet cuffs and collar and long coattails, 3/4-length forest green pants with an elastic waistband, and a polyfoam-lined kelly green top hat with a buckled black band around the brim. Travel back in time and it doubles as formalwear!

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