Tardis Skinny Tie


You don’t need to fool anybody when you wear this Tardis Skinny Tie! Its alright if people know that you’re a time traveling hero!

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Ah the skinny tie; it may be small in size but it’s big (on the inside) in fashion. It’s been there for those spiffy looking nerd during the first lunar landing (so was the doctor) and it’s been there for modern times when something seems to go wrong in London every Christmas (Just one of many things that Doctor Who has taught us is to never go on vacation in London around the holidays.) Yes it’s true that bow ties are cool now but a T.A.R.D.I.S. skinny tie has ALWAYS been cool. Grab one of your own today and sport it to any occasion to see just how cool it actually is. We’re sure that you’ll have plenty of companions wanting to have a conversation about this stupendous accessory and then maybe you’ll be able to talk about the hit BBC show over a banana daiquiri or two. Alonze!

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