TARDIS Necktie


Let everyone know what your favorite show is with the TARDIS Necktie. Featuring the Tardis that everyone knows from the hit BBC show Doctor Who.

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The Time Lord TieWe’ve always wanted to get our hands on a TARDIS. Maybe we’ve just been watching too much Doctor Who, but we’ve started a list of the things that we want to do if ever get one. Oh, the things we’d do! We’d head back in time to look at dinosaurs, maybe shake hands with Charles Dickens, and maybe we’d head back to see what the Colossus of Rhodes looked like when it was freshly built. Alas, we’re not Time Lords… so we have no idea how to get a time machine of our own. The good news is, we have this Doctor Who TARDIS Necktie. It might not let us travel through space and time, but it does make us feel a bit more like a Time Lord in everyday situations!Product DetailsThe Doctor Who TARDIS Necktie is modeled after The Doctor’s tried and true time machine. It features the navy blue color of the machine and it also has printed panels and windows on the front. Just pair it with your favorite button-up shirt and you’ll be ready for any kind of adventure, whether that means traveling back in time to stop a deadly Weeping Angel or you’re just headed out for a night of fun with some friends.

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