T-Rex Dinosaur Costume for Adults


Graze the earth like it is your kingdom when you dress up in this Adult T-Rex Costume! You will feel like you are the main attraction at the Jurassic World theme park.

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dinopediaYou think you know a thing or two about dinosaurs? We’re willing to bet there are a lot of pretty cool facts that you might have never learned. For example, dinosaurs lived on every single continent. That includes Antarctica! Brrrr. The dinosaurs used their long tails to help keep their balance when they ran. (A tail to keep your balance when you’re running sounds pretty handy to us.) You can tell what dinosaur ate meat because they usually walked on two legs, and the plant eaters usually walked on all fours. Easier to snag a meaty dinner when you’re up on your hind legs, right?product detailsYeah, we love dinosaurs here. Including the fact that dinosaurs eggs were the size of basketballs, and that the dinosaurs that lived by water usually left the best fossils. Now, if you asked us what dinosaurs make for the best Halloween costumes, we’d have to say this one right here. Imagine the Jurassic statement you’ll make when you kick down the front door while wearing this Adult T-Rex costume.The costume features a large stuffed tail sewn to the back of the suit, a foam-backed hood with inner shaping and padding to get it positioned just right. Also included are shoe covers that make your feet seem like terrifying claws! Best of all, it’s an exclusive costume you won’t find anywhere else — especially not near the snack table at this year’s costume party.

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