Super Stretch 50 Gram Cosmic Black Light Web Prop


This year for Halloween, make your house extra spooky when the lights go off with these 50 Gram Cosmic Black Light Super Stretch Web Prop. They stretch up to 13 feet and glow in the dark!

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Web Designing Made EasyHalloween is right around the corner and you know what that means, right? That is correct! It’s time to release the spiders. Muha-ha-ha! After all, who else is going to add all the webs to your home, transforming it from a humble abode to a haunted house? Oh, wait. We completely forgot. Nowadays, you can simply grab this 50 Gram pack of Super Stretch Cosmic Black Light Web. We may put a lot of spiders out of business by offering this wonderful alternative to you, but spiders don’t exactly need to work for a living like some species on this planet.   Product DetailsNow then, this completely affordable Halloween decoration is super easy to set up and will add the perfect amount of spooky to your home. Not only is it super stretchy but it also has a super glow when set up near a black light! These spider webs are both lightweight and non-flammable. Setting this decoration up however you desire will be an easy feat to accomplish. Keep in mind that each package covers up to 165 square feet. So, if you want more of your home covered in creepy-crawly spider webs, you’ll have to plan ahead and buy accordingly.

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