Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Cosplay Belt Set


Finish off your costume or cosplay outfit with the Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Cosplay Belt Set. This look will definitely make you a stand out in the crowd and get you noticed.

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Quinn-tessential DayYou are just having the best day. It started early when you got to fight the Dynamic Duo up and down the street for an hour. That was followed by a short trip in a cop car taking you to jail, until you were broken out by the Joker and ran off into the city. After several hours of gleeful mayhem, you moved on to a movie and dinner.Mr. J doesn’t seem like much from the outside looking in, but he definitely knows how to pick a sushi restaurant! Something about the way he says please always makes the waitstaff a little jumpy, but what can you do. They’re probably just jealous anyway!It’s a Cinch!Dealing with all of Gotham’s heroes and villains is no easy feat, but with this Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Cosplay Belt, you won’t have any problems when it comes to style! This includes both the upper and lower belts shown, along with the pouch and the built-in ‘HQ’ belt buckle. These faux leather belts are the finishing touches to any true-to-film Harley Quinn costume. The four plates with star cutouts add that extra bit of characteristic Harley Quinn pizzazz you are looking for. Just make sure you don’t buckle under the pressure of being so cool!

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