Stranger Things Men’s Deluxe Lucas S4 Costume


Why should you have to worry about monsters from the Upside Down when there are much for important things, like basketball! This Stranger Things Men’s Deluxe Lucas S4 Costume will be the perfect costume to help you win the game! Let’s go Tigers!

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Sensible SkepticismYou’re not necessarily someone who believes in new ideas easily. While some people may call you a skeptic, you’d prefer to label yourself as “sensible.” After all, it’s not like you refuse to consider the idea of supernatural occurrences, you just want a little proof before you start accepting that things like the Upside Down and kids with telekinetic powers actually exist. And we can’t blame you! After all, it’s our skeptical friends who make us less likely to be swept up by every fantastical story. The person in The Party who keeps his friends down to earth is Lucas Sinclair. And if you’re the skeptic—er, sensible one—in your group, then perhaps you’d feel right at home dressing like him, too!Product DetailsThis Men’s Deluxe Lucas Costume will help you achieve this clever character’s look from Season Four of the hit Netflix show! The whole outfit is designed to look like the Hawkins High basketball uniform. The costume starts with vibrant green pants with a white stripe down the sides. Gold lettering and the number 8 adorn the front of the jersey. The white jacket, which is attached to the shirt, has green and white striped cuffs and matching gold and green stripes around the arms. You’ll be ready to keep the bench warm or score the winning points when you put on this officially licensed costume!Rooted in RealityWith this Deluxe Lucas Costume, you’ll be the one reminding your friends that all the monsters you see this Halloween aren’t real (probably). However, it’s still a good idea to have backup. Check out our selection of Stranger Things costumes and get your whole group together just in case you need to save the world. After all, you never know exactly when a creepy creature from another dimension might just show up!

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