Straight Outta Quarantine Kit


Take to the streets for the first time in a long time with this Straight Outta Quarantine Kit. This quick and easy costume idea is a great choice for Halloween this year.

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Team QuarantineFeeling the need to peek your head out of your house and see what the world is like again? Or perhaps you’re just looking for a topical Halloween costume that takes into account the times. Either way, we’re betting this Halloween, you’re itching to let your hair (and beard) down and have a little fun with friends.This Straight Outta Quarantine Halloween Kit is a hilarious and timely take on getting “dressed up,” and it makes for a quick and easy costume that the whole socially distanced crowd will love. Just add this clever kit to your own clothes and head out into the fresh air, maybe for the first time in a long time. Real pants are totally optional.Design & DetailsThis is a two-piece set that turns you into the picture of Quarantine aftermath. The cap is an adjustable baseball style with an embroidered patch on the front that reads “Straight Outta Quarantine,” and attached long synthetic hair. Meanwhile, the matching beard and ‘stache combo piece fits over your ears thanks to elastic loops. Whether you spent your time indoors baking sourdough, homeschooling kids, or streaming content, you will appreciate this of-the-times costume kit! Now, where did you put that dang razor again?

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