Steampunk Wings Lightweight Scarf


Add this Steampunk Wings Lightweight Scarf to your costume. Every steampunk gets cold. Think about it, they’re covered in gears. Cold metal gears and this is what they need to stay warm.

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Take FlightHuman beings have dreamed of flight for centuries, and thanks to a bunch of scientists wearing top hats, leather dusters, and possessing cogs and wheels for brains, that very elusive code has been cracked! Among the towering clouds, sleek airships dot the amber skies, propelled by sails, helium, and steam, carrying their passengers beyond the horizon. What a dream to join them in their majesty. But now, the dream of flight is for the individual too! Gear up for high-flying adventure, and soar above it all with the Steampunk Wings Brown Lightweight Scarf, brave traveler of tomorrow!Product DetailsAspiring explorers of the upper atmosphere need only apply for this lightweight scarf, made of 100% viscose, all-new materials… how much more futuristic can you get than that? Printed on the fabric of the scarf is an image of beautiful and intricately designed mechanical wings, consisting of gauges, gears, steel, and steam. Those who opt to wrap themselves in the comfort of these winged wonders of engineering can rest assured that the Steampunk Wings Lightweight Scarf fits most. So join the courageous mechanically-aided travelers of the skies of the future with this scarf billowing in the wind behind you!

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