Steampunk Black Suede Spats for Adults


Need something to take you to an alternate reality where steam is king? These Steampunk Black Suede Spats look the part for your engineer costume.

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Back in the day, spats were designed to keep the mud off of all your fancy shoes, so you could show them off when you entered the home hosting the party. Nobody knew that spats would take off so quickly as a wonderful fashion statement. Haven’t you ever been walking down the street in your plain old tennis shoes only to see someone brush past you in the most marvelous looking spats you’d ever wandered your eyeballs upon? It’s a bitter sweet moment when you see them in all their glory, and know you must have them; but from where did these Victorian era leg warmers come from? You remember it down to the black of that beautiful faux suede to the eight beautiful buttons paving a black and gold road down the outside of each spat. With these, no more will you have to worry about destroying your boots while at the next steam punk world’s fair, or even dirtying your white high top shoes when running through the rain. With these, you simply can’t lose.

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