Star Wars Mace Windu Forge Extendable Lightsaber


Complete your cosplay or costume this year with the Star Wars Forge Mace Windu Extendable Lightsaber. Having been both part of the Jedi and Sith you can walk a path that blurs both lines and be the badass fighter you can be.

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The Power of PurpleWhen all the other lightsabers on the battlefield are blue and green, a purple one tends to stand out. Usually, you don’t want that kind of trouble. The more attention you get, the more enemies you will have to fight. However, if you are the mighty Jedi Master Mace Windu, that is exactly what you want. You’re not afraid of droids, no matter how big or how many. Master Windu fought valiantly through the Clone Wars and took on many powerful foes. Now, you can fight in your own Jedi battles with the spirit of Windu in your hands. This Star Wars Mace Windu Forge Extendable Lightsaber reflects the Jedi Master’s physical appearance perfectly. While the hilt doesn’t replicate the saber he wielded, the blade is still that iconic purple!Product DetailsComprising four separate pieces, once you combine all the parts in this saber kit, you’ll have one of the most powerful weapons in the galaxy within your reach. The pieces in this kit are also compatible with other Forge Lightsabers. So, while this one doesn’t light up or make cool sound effects, its parts can be mixed and matched with parts of other sabers to have those kinds of fun perks.

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