Springwood Freddy Krueger Pet Collar


If you can’t catch a minute of proper sleep because your furry companion keeps you up all night, then grab the Springwood High Freddy Krueger Pet Collar to let them know how their nighttime terrorizing has been making you feel!

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Support Springwood’s Track TeamPrep for when Freddy Krueger comes for you by training like a high school track star. Embrace the Springwood High School vibe with this Nightmare on Elm Street Freddy Krueger Pet Collar. It might even help when you get those weird dreams about re-doing high school–you know, the ones where you show up to class unprepared, or can’t remember your locker combination, or forget to get dressed. If you’re dreaming about being chased by a crater-faced killer with spikes for fingertips, you’ll forget all about those other problems. You’ll be too busy running away! Train with your best four-legged friend while you’re awake. Then take that skill into the dream realm.

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