Spartan Warrior Costume for Boys


Whether your child is fighting a war by himself or with 299 of his best friends, he’ll be equipped to defend Sparta’s honor with this Spartan Warrior Costume!

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For Greece!You’ve trained your whole life for this moment. Literally. You grew up in your country’s barracks with other kids your age and learned to fight with swords, spears, and arrows. You got very skilled at all kinds of sports and feats of physical daring, and there was definitely no sleeping in, playing video games, and eating junk food. (Awww.) But it’s all paid off, because now you are unquestionably the bet of the best! Product DetailsDefend your land and look awesome doing it when you wear this Boys Spartan Warrior Costume! The outfit includes a thigh-length cream tunic that is worn under the foam-backed suede chest armor with its dangling lappets. Faux leather leg ties criss-cross up your legs and match the faux leather wrist cuffs. The red cloak swirls impressively behind you and features a decorative gold-tone plastic medallion. To keep the sweat of battle out of your eyes, stretch the faux leather headband around your forehead! Never Surrender This is it! You’re getting your first assignment as a soldier of Sparta! Your squadron commander has gathered from local intel that a large amount of candy is being held hostage in several houses around the block. Grab your weapon of choice and a sturdy shield, and ask mighty Zeus, clever Athena, and all of the Olympian gods for their aid! You shall return with the liberated candy or die trying (just kidding. There’s no need for that. Just say, ‘Trick or Treat!’ and your mission will be successful!) 

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