Snow White The Prince Toddler Costume


Your little one will be ready to find Snow White when you get them this Snow White Prince Toddler Costume. Features The Prince’s classic look as seen in the Disney movie, Snow White, that will have them looking extra royal and charming!

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Hero in MiniatureThe enchanted forest is a dark and mysterious place! Well, your little one is just the kind of brave prince ready to travel through it. That enchanted forest won’t be a match for your courageous little prince-in-training. He’ll bring back plenty of stories about the things he sees. Maybe he’ll learn or song or two from the friendly dwarfs he meets. And he’ll definitely tell you all about his true love.Yes, your little one can be the prince who saves the day when he wears this Toddler Snow White Prince Costume. It comes from Disney’s Snow White!Design & DetailsThis Disney’s Snow White Prince costume will make your child look like a prince, even if he still needs to take a nap before adventures, and maybe he still can only ride a hobby horse. The costume features a blue tunic cinched with a belt. It’s layered under a light-weight long-sleeved shirt and fitted breeches. The soft boot covers strap onto your child’s shoes to make your kiddo’s look seamless. A dashing red cape tops off this look to complete this fairy tale look!

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