Snazzy Bear Costume for Women


Come out of hibernation and become a snazzy bear with the Women’s Snazzy Bear Costume. This costume is a three-piece costume, but together makes one cozy grizzly bear!

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Sleep MasterA lot of people like to talk about how much they enjoy sleeping. Whether it’s napping or sleeping in, people gush about how great it is to fall into bed, snuggle under the covers and catch some much-needed z’s. But we call these people mere (re)posers, because their idea of a nap is usually one hour, maybe two tops. Pathetic! They’re nothing like you… You can sleep for not just days or weeks, but actually months at a time. In fact, much of your year is spent preparing for your next big siesta, from making the perfect snooze spot to gorging yourself on enough berries and salmon to last you through your power nap. It helps that you are, in fact, a bear. Some people would say that’s cheating, that your “naps” are really “hibernation,” but they’re just jealous that they can’t sleep as long as you can!Product DetailsWe know it’s hard to rouse yourself out of hibernation, but we promise it’ll be worth it to see your friends’ impressed expressions when you stumble blearily into their costume party in this Women’s Snazzy Bear Costume. This exclusive costume is 100 percent polyester and comes with a soft brown faux fur hoodie with satin lining in the hood. The hoodie features a cute fabric lace up front, attached mitts with felt claws and adorable bear ears peeking out from the top of the hood. To complete the look, there are matching brown faux fur shorts.Un-bear-ableWe understand, it’s hard to tear yourself away from a perfectly good nap for a just kind of decent party. We’re totally with you. It’s really hard to wake up to go to work or class, let alone something you don’t have to wake up for. But your friends are starting to get worried about you and the fact that you literally go to bed for months. Showing up at this party will allay their fears, and maybe you’ll even have a good time. Otherwise, we’re positive you can just grin and bear it!

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