Slytherin Toddler Knit Beanie


Your young Harry Potter fan can represent their Hogwarts House in style while staying warm during cooler weather with this Slytherin Toddler Knit Beanie.

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It’s Never Too EarlyIs your child too young to go under the Sorting Hat? Are they (and are you) waiting impatiently for that fateful Hogwarts admission letter? Don’t worry! It’s never too early to start scheming or theorizing about which Hogwarts house your child is destined for. Your wee witch or wizard can show off their chosen house (or yours, let’s be honest) in this Slytherin Toddler Knit Beanie. While your child’s Sorting Hat time may be a few years off yet, there is no reason why they shouldn’t get to wear the green and gray of their favorite house. Product DetailsThis gray and green beanie is made of a soft acrylic fabric and features a delightful green pompom at the crown of the hat. What’s really special about this toddler beanie, however, is the toddler friendly crest design! Instead of the traditional serpent, a friendlier cartoon snake curls up on the crest. The red forked tongue is a playful addition, too! This simpler design makes it easier for little kids to recognize the creature they are wearing. Whether your child is heading to a costume event or just wants a Harry Potter present, this beanie is the perfect solution. 

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