Sleeping Beauty Aurora Deluxe Girls Costume


Your child’s favorite Disney Princess will be brought to life when they get to dress up in this Sleeping Beauty Aurora Deluxe Girls Costume. Features Princess Aurora’s classic look from the beloved Disney movie, Sleeping Beauty.

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Sleeping Beauty MysteriesWe’ve all heard the story of Sleeping Beauty. She was a woodsy princess raised by fairies until she met her fate with a cursed spinning wheel and fell into a slumber that could only be broken by true love’s kiss. Well, we’ve got some questions about how her “happily ever after” panned out. First off, after that long nap did she go on to be an energetic royal that never had a need for a full eight hours of sleep? Or did she need a nice long nap every day to deal with her busy fairy tale schedule? Secondly, the woods were her home by the time she turned 16. When the prince woke her up, did they go on to live in the bustling castle or did they find a cozy royal chateau in the woods to set up camp so she didn’t have to leave her forest friends behind? Now you can find out what Sleeping Beauty’s ever after truly looked like when you welcome this beautiful princess into your home!Costume DetailsThis Sleeping Beauty gown is ready to make sure your kiddo has a ball! The timeless pink gown has a tall white collar framing the shoulders and a bodice with a flowered panel down the front. Trimmed in sparkling gold brocade, it’s just the thing to help your child make their royal debut. And of course, the skirt is perfectly twirlable! The layers of pink tulle are oh-so sparkly to complete the fairy tale spell. Fairy Tale PlaytimeWhen you’re little, the magical details of fairy tales are much more real. Once your child slips into this pink Sleeping Beauty ball gown, she’ll feel like she can sing to the birds and make friends with the squirrels. Whether your kiddo will wear this dress while dancing in the living room or skipping around the neighborhood on Halloween, this classic fairy tale gown will be a delightful staple in their costume wardrobe!

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