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Take the center ring in this Men’s Skeleton Ringmaster Costume. This dark version of the classic costume features a dark jacket with skeleton front, bony pants, gloves, and a top hat.

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Gentleman Wanted…for a harrowing journey. You’ll receive peanuts for wages and experience chilling darkness through the long months of autumn. You must be ready to provide constant entertainment to macabre audiences, project your voice with an eerie echo, direct all acts and eyes to proper stage. Earthly visits not guaranteed. Fame and recognition result from ultimate success. The living need not apply.Looks like the haunted circus is hiring again. It sounds like an interesting gig, but eternal employment isn’t really an option for the living. Plus, look at that last line, they don’t want anyone that’s not undead. You seem to really want to job though and we hate to deny anyone’s dreams. So, let’s see if we can help you land this once in a lifetime opportunity! If you’ve got the skills to lead the circus all you will need is the look to disguise your status as a living human.Product DetailsThis Skeleton Ringmaster Men’s Costume should do the trick! The costume will completely transform you into a member of the living-dead entertainment industry, starting with the realistic skeleton rib cage shirt, and matching skeleton pants, gloves, and mask. An adjustable gold vest features an intricate texture and 3 buttons to start the traditional ringmaster ensemble. The red velour jacket has black lapels and cuffs that are embellished with gold trim and a skull and filigree pattern. Golden buttons on either side of the lapels give the jacket an extra bit of flash. Complete the devilishly dapper costume with the included top hat and bow tie.Spooky Star of the ShowAlright, this showstopping ensemble may not dupe any undead recruiters, but it does make an excellent Halloween look. Become the star of your own eerie circus spectacular, compete in a friendly costume contest, or join your kids for a night of trick-or-treating in this spooky Skeleton Ringmaster Costume for men!

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