Skeleton Hand Hairclip


The Skeleton Hand Hairclip is a perfect accessory for any Skeleton, spooky doll, or even Day of the Dead costumes. This hair clip is an easy way to get into the Halloween Spirit.

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Cold Hands, Cold HeartUh oh! We don’t know how to tell you this, but….it looks like you’ve gotten a sign from beyond the grave. A five-fingered sign. That’s right, a skeleton hand must have hitched a ride on you during your last stroll through the cemetary. At least it seems pretty willing to perch on your head and make you look great for Halloween. It’s when it starts to move that you should start to worry! Product DetailsDon’t have a costume for Halloween? Don’t worry! This Adult Skeleton Hand Hairclip is practically a costume in itself. Beautify any hairdo with the plastic hair accessory shaped and painted like a skeletal hand. A clip glued inside the palm secures the hand to your head. Skeletal ScareShow that you don’t mind communing with the undead! A clip this detailed and unexpected packs a powerful punch to take your spooky outfit to the next level. 

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