Silver/Mirror Atomic Ray Goggles


Finish up your costume with the Silver/Mirror Atomic Ray Goggles. Featuring a silver design with mirrored lenses.

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The Maddest InventionDeep underground, a scientist works feverishly towards her goal. If she doesn’t have this ready by morning, the local authorities will be able to shut down her lab. She mixes frantically, muttering instructions and cackling to herself. The final beaker tips into the pot, and there is a searing flash of light. The chemical is ready! The woman holds up the finished vial, its glowing contents reflected in her safety goggles. Her maniacal laugh echoes off the stone walls. Those officers don’t stand a chance! Tell your own story with the help of these Silver/Mirror Atomic Ray Goggles.Product DetailsYou don’t have to go mad scientist with these, if you don’t want to! These silver goggles will work with many costumes. The dark lenses remind us of a Lady Gaga music video, or a techy space cowboy. The goggles also have an adjustable, stretchy band, so you can fit these over different hoods and hairstyles. Please note that these goggles are not actually safe for any mad scientist plots, so if you’re headed to a real lab, maybe take some certified eye wear with you! For a costume, though, these will add the perfect final touch.

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