Shining Skull Mouth Mover Mask


If you found the perfect Skeleton costume but want to make it more epic, this Shining Skull Mouth Mover Mask is sure to impress. It features realistic features, including a real moving mouth!

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A Chilling Find Finding a bare skull lying around is always a frightening sight. You wonder if it was buried years ago and recently uncovered, or if you’ve accidentally stumbled upon the scene of a grisly crime. What’s even more disturbing is if the skull starts talking to you and following you around at eye level. Then there’s only one explanation: The skull is haunted by an evil spirit! (Ok, maybe it’s just a mask, but that’s not as dramatic.) Product DetailsWear this exclusive Shiny Skull Mouth Mover Mask by itself or with a full skeleton costume if you want your Halloween outfit to be unforgettably scary! The molded mask resembles a weathered white skull and has eye and nose holes so that you can see and breathe comfortably. The hinged jaw moves when you move your mouth! Listen to the SkullWhen a skull starts talking, you’d better hear it out. It might be ready to make a chilling future prediction, uncover a murder mystery, or just suggest a really good taco joint for an after-party snack.