Sexy Women’s Mummy Costume


You’ll look stunning in this Sexy Women’s Mummy Costume. This exclusively made costume is sure to be a hit no matter where you go this year on Halloween.

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Mummy IssuesSometimes, it can seem like a bit of a curse to be a powerful woman. The second you stand up, half the world gets wide-eyed and paralyzed. Whispers of curses spread like slinking serpents across the desert sands and folks worry about what plagues may befall them. Of course, then you remember that it isn’t just that you’re a strong gal. You’ve also been dead for a few centuries and one time you woke up on the wrong side of the sarcophagus and technically stole the souls of an entire village’s population. Look, it was an accident. We know that. It’s just going to take a bit of time for the rest of the world to see that one catastrophic apocalypse doesn’t have to define a mummy’s entire existence! We just need to get a solid PR campaign to revamp your image and show that you’re not all about plagues and punishment. Design & Details It’s time to wrap up this tired old stereotype of the mummy’s curse and set things straight with this Sexy Mummy costume. This is a Made By Us campaign to rewrite the story of the classic mummy. No more rotting flesh or storm of scarabs. Instead, you’ll have a leotard designed to look like ancient wrappings. Extra bits of fabric are sewn about to intensify the illusion and matching thigh-high stockings and garter straps bring the whole ensemble together. Finish off with a bandage hair tie and you’re ready to walk among the mortals once again. This time, their stunned silence will be from awe instead of terror! Bandaged to the NinesWhen you’re busting out of the tomb and painting the town red, who wants to look like they are bringing a curse along with them? Show the world what they’ve been missing when you raise the bar with this Sexy Mummy costume. 

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