Sexy Mummy Dearest Costume for Women


Want the cool look of a mummy without all the cover up? This Women’s Sexy Mummy Dearest Costume is what you’ve been looking for.

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Pharoah, Pharoah, Whoa, Baby!When you think about fashionable royals throughout the ages, there are a lot of fashionistas contending for the top slot. Marie Antoinette knew a thing or two about over-the-top royal style, with her skirts that could barely fit through doorframes at times. (We’re still impressed she could even sit down in them!) Meanwhile, Queen Elizabeth I had 3,000 gowns and more than 600 pieces of jewelry! And Mansa Musa, a medieval king of Mali, was so rich that he could clothe his entire 60,000-person traveling party in gold brocade and silk as they traveled through the desert to Mecca. Now that must have been quite a sight!But as lavish and opulent as all those other royals, we think that the true fashion stars of history’s rulers are the Egyptian pharaohs. They have an iconic style that is still recognized today by pretty much everyone! They manage to be sleek, understated, elegant and jaw-droppingly impressive all at once… so it’s no wonder you want to dress like one for your next costume party!Product DetailsMake a regal entrance to your next costume party with this Women’s Sexy Mummy Dearest Costume. Sure, you want to dress like a mummy, but it’s difficult to show off your lovely legs and pretty face if you’re covered head-to-toe in bandages! We think this costume is the perfect compromise… a modern twist on a vintage classic, if you will. The costume comes with a bodysuit, skirt, collar and pair of leg warmers. The white tattered bodysuit has long, trailing sleeves and a criss-cross neckline with a gold statement Egyptian collar. There’s also stylish black mini-skirt (you didn’t know Egyptian royalty wore mini-skirts, did you?) to wear over the bodysuit–or not, your choice. The costume comes with a pair of off-white footless thigh high leg warmers.Walk Like an Egyptian…And party like one, too, in this fabulous costume!

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