Sexy Cop Mens Costume


In this Sexy Cop Men’s Costume the only law you will be abiding by is your rights to bare arms. Solve crimes, take names, and catch the bad guys in this fit!

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On the CaseGet a tough case to solve? You’re going to need to use your wits, follow the clues, and of course, you’ll need an outfit that lets you showcase your sculpted assets. You know, the kind of uniform designed to help you protect and serve in full-on sexy style. We’re talking about unleashing those toned biceps that you’ve been working on. It’d be a crime to lock those marvelous arms inside of a pair of long-sleeves. We’re talking about giving the good citizens of your city what they need. Rhe public is entitled to catch a glimpse of your raw sexiness and that’s where this sexy cop costume comes into play.Product DetailsSuit up in this sexy button-up uniform. The shirt has a sophisticated sheen with functional pockets official-looking shields and a structured collar. You won’t have to worry about wasting valuable investigation time by tieing ties, simply slip the attached elastic band under your collar. You’ll have an armband so people can’t miss your badge even while you’re showing off your muscles. You’ll have to choose the pants and handcuffs of your choice but the rest of the essentials are included. The whole look is topped off with a hat that has faux leather trim and a structured shape.Hail to the CheifThere’s no case that can allude you! We knew it just by looking at you. After all, how many officers dare to bear arms?

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