Seven Seas Pirate Sweetie Girl’s Costume


Ahoy, maties! Sail sea and plunder in our Girl’s Seven Seas Pirate Sweetie Costume. This outfit comes complete with blue tunic, belt and red head scarf.

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Secret SeasWant to know something secret about your kiddo? They’ve been all around the world and you didn’t even know it. Yep! Your little girl has sailed the seas for years in her mind. She’s seen it all. She’s marooned herself on an island with a treasure map. When she ended up digging up a treasure chest full of jewels, she also conveniently found a reliable blow up raft. Cause that’s how imagination works. It’s can be very convenient. She’s been through a lot. She weathered a storm in the Black Sea while sitting in a fort made of couch cushions.  She’s sailed around the Cape of Good Hope while sitting on the monkey bars at your local park. She even battled a shark at recess one time! If you want in on your kid’s pirate adventures, bring her secret games of pretend out into the open with this gorgeous pirate costume.Details & DesignThis lovely Made by Us pirate costume is comfortable enough to wear on an adventure while making for a perfectly picturesque Halloween look. It features a cold shoulder shirt with blousy sleeves and a long tunic shape. A long blue vest is layered over top and is cinched with an included belt and cumberbund. Mustard yellow leggings make sure this look is ready to go straight out of the package while the red sash lends an extra splash of classic pirate style.Setting SailIs your kiddo ready to play pirate? Whether this costume is for trick-or-treating or playing pretend, the high-quality of our exclusive costumes can be worn again and again. In fact, after your kid wears stains and tears into this look, it’ll just get more authentic! Find pirate accessories like a prop sword or telescope and let your kiddo dive into the grand adventure. Maybe she’ll even let you tag along!

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