Seraphina Picquery Headpiece


No one will question your authority when you appear in this regal SERAPHINA PICQUERY Headdress. This is from Fantastic Beast and where to find them. The perfect addition to your costume!

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As President of the Magical Congress of the United States of America, Madam President Seraphina Picquery proved herself a strong and capable leader. There’s no doubting someone who managed through such crises as Gellert Grindelwald attempting to incite a war between the magical community and muggles by exposing the Wizarding World. Before she ended her term as President in 1928, she also made the Thunderbird a protected species, showing her grace toward all living things.No one will question your authority, grace, or ability to lead, if they ever dared, when you sport this beautiful, elaborate, officially licensed Seraphina Picquery Headpiece. It’s an all-polyester turban-style hat decorated with fabric flowers, sequins, and faux gems. There’s a size-adjustment band, too, so most anyone can step into this leadership role. MACUSA will revere you, and history will follow.

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