See Monster Costume for Kids


Rise from the deep and see everything possible in this Kid’s See Monster Costume. That’s a lot of eyes.

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We Spy with Our Many EyesUsually when you hear “See Monster” your mind automatically goes to creatures from folklore. Big water-dwelling beasts such as the Loch Ness monster, the fiendish Kraken, a devil whale, like Moby Dick, or even evil mermaids known as sirens. This costume is nothing like any of those creatures. In fact, this monster doesn’t even come from the sea.However, just because it is not a water-based monster doesn’t make it any less terrifying. When we say, “see” we are referring to sight and good luck steering clear of this abomination. With a face that is 70 percent eyes and 30 percent mouth, your chances of not being spotted and eaten are slim to none. Luckily your little one has a taste for candy instead of humans… for now, that is.Details & DesignTransform your child into the horrifying See Monster with three easy steps. First, start with the padded undershirt. It will turn your kiddo’s arms into a pair of scary, hairy limbs. Next, you toss the sleeveless shirt on over that. It is designed to look ripped and shredded at the sleeves and hemline. There is a graphic of a monster driving a monster truck on the front. Finally, add the vinyl-molded mask to complete this monstrous transformation. It has a hanging tongue as well as tufts of hair coming out of the ears and a patch of hair at the top.Seeing is BelievingWhat you see is what you get and this monster sees a whole lot! Your kiddo will love terrorizing the neighborhood when they go trick-or-treating this Halloween. They’ll be something straight out of a nightmare. Be sure to lock this costume up after the holiday. You don’t need them jumping out from around the corner with this getup. It might be the last thing you see!

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