Scary Monster Boo Infant Costume


This little Frankenstein’s monster costume is so cute it’s scaaaary! This Scary Green Monster Infant Costume makes a perfect first Halloween costume idea for your infant!

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We work tirelessly in the lab to create the best of the best. It is through the work of our costuming scientists that we’ve seen some of the most ferocious creatures brought to life. Between demonic cyborgs, mecha-werewolves, an alchemically created fire-breathing 16 foot tall pixie, and an entire army’s worth of animated zombie-hulks, there is no limit to the astonishing denizens of the world of darkness that we can bring about.Of course, in a creation lab like ours, we have to work just as tirelessly to make sure that there aren’t any mistakes. When you’re talking about animating the stitched-together remains of ideal specimens, it is crucial that everything is labeled properly and each component merged with the appropriate ones! But, there is something that they don’t’ tell you about that word ‘tirelessly.’ Thing is… it makes a person really tired! We’ve all heard what happened when an errant human brain was put into a reanimation experiment and things went … “abnormal,” we believe the word was? Well, ha! That’s not happening again!But, here’s the thing. We did accidentally use “adorably cute kiddo brain” in our last creation and things went unexpectedly squeeee! We don’t expect frightening rage this time around, but we do have this Infant Monster Boo Costume that is now looking for the perfect home. This velvety one-piece jumpsuit has the iconic look from the Frankenstein Monster along with the fuzzy haired 3D bolted green hoodie and all fits perfectly thanks to the futuristic wonder of Hook and Loop fastener. We can promise no torches and pitchforks for this adorable wonder, but it’ll still gather mobs of folks wanting to pinch a few cheeks!

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