Scarecrow Women’s Costume


Make your Halloween look a classic one this year with this exclusive Scarecrow Women’s Costume. This costume features green overalls, an orange shirt and a black scarecrow hat.

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So, we hear that you’re in the business of scaring birds? You are a full-blown, certified scarecrow, and you spend your days standing in an open field discouraging birds from feasting on freshly planted crops. In an attempt to look ragged, you dress in dirty and tattered clothing which shows us how truly dedicated you are to your profession. But honey, we have to break it to you: you just don’t have what it takes to make it as a scarecrow. You’re not frumpy. You’re not worse for wear. You are fabulous and you can’t help that the birds flock toward you instead of flying away from you. You have that certain je ne sais quoi and you were meant to be in the spotlight; not in a field.However, we can see that you have your heart set on succeeding in your occupation as a scarecrow. We admire your gumption which is why we are going to help you scare as many sparrows as possible. This scarecrow women’s costume will give you the classic scarecrows appearance so birds will know to steer clear from you. You’ll look prepared to stand in the fields when you’re suited up in the green overalls and the plaid open-shoulder shirt. Top the look off with the sunflower hat and fingerless gloves and you’re ready to strike terror into those relentless crows.You’ll be the top performing scarecrow when you’re outfitted in this stylish, yet effective scarecrow costume. Some may even say that you’re “out-standing in your field.” (Ha ha!)

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