Saturday Night Live Women’s Spartan Cheerleader Costume


Pay homage to a classic SNL sketch with the Saturday Night Live Women’s Spartan Cheerleader Deluxe Costume.

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Do You Have Team Spirit?Then check this out! SNL has plenty of famous skits from their many years on the air, but some of the most memorable involve the unstoppable Spartan cheerleaders from East Lake High School. From 1995 to 1999, “Craig” and “Arianna” charmed audiences with their aggressive cheers and determination to make the Spartan Spirit Squad. Would you like to pull some seriously inspiring dance moves this Halloween? You’ve come to the right page. Channel your inner Cheri Oteri in this Saturday Night Live Women’s Spartan Cheerleader Deluxe Costume!Product DetailsThis iconic costume is 100% polyester and ready to pull some flippant leg kicks and lots of arm flailing. The pleated skirt has an elastic waist for the perfect fit. The long sleeve black shirt is a perfect replica of the skit cheerleader’s, decorated with red and white stripes and sporting the Spartan’s classic font. Add your favorite white sneakers with some chunky white socks, and get ready to cheer your heart out! The megaphone shown is not a part of this costume, but we have several megaphones (and pom poms!) available on our website, so check them out!Cha Cha Chaboochie Roll Call!Add your name behind Craig’s and Arianna’s when you put on this sporty cheer look. Have you never done drugs? Have you done them once? It’s all a part of their iconic roll call cheer! Ideally, we recommend grabbing another SNL and cheer-loving friend and putting them in Spartans gear. Who will be the Will Ferrell to your Cheri Oteri? Together, you can master the roll call, the many dance break downs, and the art of patting your face dry after every vigorous cheer. Being in the Spirit Squad is hard work, but we have a feeling that you are up for the challenge!

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