Sash 60 Sensational Blue


Celebrate your 60th with the Sash 60 Sensational Blue. Featuring gold accents and fireworks everyone will be noticing you!

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Your Sensational DecadeWelcoeme to 60! You have actually been waiting for this milestone for a while now. While your other friends may shy away from turning 60, you are more than ready to embrace it. After all, each decade brings something new, something unexpected, and something thrilling to the table. Why should 60 be any different?And you’ve got big plans for your 60s—you’re finally going to hike Machu Pichu, build that greenhouse you’ve always wanted, and even start singing in a local band. This is the year you’re going to take that great road trip, learn a foreign language, and finish that novel you’ve been writing. Whoa! Look at you go. You are living proof that 60 is, indeed, sensational! Product DetailsThis satiny blue sash will turn any birthday outing into a full-on birthday bash! It features the words “60 & Sensational” in gold, glittery letting, along with a fabulous firework graphic. Slip it on over a sequin dress and hit the town, or wear it over your favorite bathing suit to lay poolside at a seaside retreat. The best part about your 60s? There are no rules, and you are the master of your every move!

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