Sash 30 Thrill Blue


Whether you’re turning 30 or maybe celebrating a 30th anniversary make a statement with the Sash 30 Thrill Blue. With gold accents and fireworks, you’ll for sure pop when wearing this.

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Welcome to 30!So, you’re 20s had few…ups and downs. There were high highs and low lows, lessons learned and mistakes made. And those all-important first jobs, first romances, first deep friendships. But as you approach 30, there’s a little secret we’re going to let you in on—your 30s are going to be even better! Yep, way better! How is that possible? In your 30s, you stop caring so much about what other people think. You have a deeper sense of self and purpose. You’ve done some grunt work and can start making a career for yourself. And you may even be able to stop living with roommates. Thrilling, right? Don’t believe us? Just slip on this Blue 30 Sash and head out for your big birthday night. Wherever you go, people are bound to regale you with tales of just how much they miss their 30s. They are, in fact, the best years of your life!Product DetailsThis stunning sash proclaims what you will soon know: it’s thrilling to be 30! It’s a satiny fabric in a pretty hue with glittery gold writing and a firework graphic, for effect. One size fits most, so you can get one for all of your friends as they enter their new decade, too.  

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