Sash 13 Hot Pink


Whether you’re turning 13 or celebrating a 13 year anniversary the Sash 13 Hot Pink will for sure make a statement. With its bright pink design, everyone will be able to see you a mile away!

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Marvelous MathDo you have a lucky number? Many people prefer a number related to their date of birth, or sometimes we just have a number that we inexplicably like. Most favorite numbers are single digits, with 7 generally coming in first. In most of Western culture, 13 is considered an unlucky number, but no one really knows why. There are a few theories about its origin, but we think this double digit deserves a rebrand! After all, it’s the first “teen” number. It’s not 13’s fault that 11 and 12 decided to be weird instead of just going with the flow and being “one-teen” and “two-teen.” Still, that ends up making 13 pretty special, if you ask us.Product DetailsCelebrate becoming a teen with this Hot Pink 13 Sash. While you’re wearing it, everyone will know that it’s your party! The printed word “thirteen” has a silver glitter star dotting the “I” to add just a touch of sparkle to your day. But why stop there? You’re thirteen for a whole year, after all. You could wear it for 365 days if you really want!A Beautiful Baker’s DozenCelebrate your milestone birthday (or any thirteenth anniversary) with this Hot Pink 13 Sash. It’s just the right touch for a party outfit!

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