Sailor Girls Toddler Costume


Turn your child into a maritime cutie with this Sailor Girls Toddler Costume. This costume features a white sailor dress with navy and red accents.

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You always knew that your little girl was going to get out there and see the world. The inkling started with her love of exotic animals, though you aren’t sure how far she would have to travel to finally see a real unicorn. These days her future adventurous lifestyle seems like a sure thing, she loves planes, trains, and ships. She’s even sweet and quiet on the road. How many people have a little one who behaves as well as she does on road trips? While that that vision for her future is all well and good, we all know traveling the world can get a little spendy. Why not get ahead of the curve and start training her as a sailor right now? Whether she’s helping out on a yacht or working on a freighter, sailing is a good way to see the world on the cheap. There are a couple reasons to begin training early. For one, it’s much easier to tie those complicated sailor knots when you have the tiny fingers of a toddler. Secondly, if you spend a lot of time on a boat as a sailor kid then you won’t be as sea sick as an adult. Thirdly, this sailor suit is super adorable, training for an ocean voyage is a good excuse to add it to your kid’s wardrobe. Whether you’re putting together a nautical photo shoot or you’re looking for a super cute outfit for the fourth of July party, your little girl will look adorable as she twirls in this full skirt. Everything about this outfit is classic from the square, navy blue lined collar and red cravat to the jaunty little sailor cap. So, now that your daughter has that bowline knot down and she knows how to recognize different oceanic weather patterns all she has to do is get that potty training down and she’ll be ready for her seafaring career to begin!

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