Role Reversal Owner and Pet Costume Kit


Switch it up and make them laugh with this Role Reversal Owner & Pet Costume Kit. You be the cat, they’ll be the human, those best friend pictures will be perfect!

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Our Feline OverlordsPeople love to joke that their pets are the real owners in the relationship. When it comes to cats, that might not be wrong! Our feline friends, however affectionate or standoffish they might be, live their lives more independently than their canine counterparts. We can totally picture a cat demanding obedience from their human, or trying to train them to kill mice and knock over glasses. Don’t these humans know how to do anything? they might think. Now you can make this theory a reality with a Role Reversal Owner & Pet Costume Kit!Product DetailsThis kit comes with two hoods—one for you, and one for your kitty. The human sized hood is gray, with pink ears, a pink nose, and large yellow eyes. The cat hood features a human nose, eyes, and eyebrows. We especially love the human ears, which stick out from either side of the cat’s head. Both hoods are a soft flannel and simply pull over the head.There’s One Thing…Here’s the problem. Our cats really ARE our overlords. No one can make them do anything they don’t want to do. If you’ve got a cat who loves to dress up, then you’re probably fine. But if your cat likes to wear fur, and only their fur, you might have a battle on your hands! With the help of some treats, toys, and maybe a bit of catnip, we bet you can convince your cat to allow your wishes, just this once.

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