Ric Flair Wig


Complete your WWE costume with this officially licensed Ric Flair wig for adults. This wig is officially licensed by the WWE and is exclusively made by us at Fun.com.

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Genetic SuperiorityScience has taught us a lot of things. Most of it, we’re totally on board with. Round earth? Heck, yeah! Dinosaurs and mammals at once? Not so much! But, blonde being the recessive gene? Well, we’ve got to wonder about that one. Maybe for most humans, that’s true. But, one of the greatest professional wrestlers ever to walk this planet, Ric Flair, has demonstrated that his blonde locks would definitely beat down any competition. He’s known by the line, “If you wanna be the man, you gotta beat the man!” How could a tagline like that refer to anything but some seriously magical hair to match his larger-than-life personality? Fortunately, you won’t have to actually go head to head with the Whoooo-man, himself. There are much safer ways to prove that your style can survive the strife. It just means you need a little help…Design & DetailsTransform into the man, himself, with this officially licensed Ric Flair wig. This is some lovely, blown out, synthetic hair made as bright blonde as science can allow. We should know since it was Made by Us in our in-house design studios. This is your iconic Flair-hair, side-parted, somehow larger than even Ric’s persona! It’s pretty clear that locks like this are a sign of someone exceptional! Product / Fun / Design & DetailsOnce you’ve got the true power of Flair thanks to this Ric Flair Wig, you might be looking for the rest of the look. Well, you won’t have to look far for that either!  

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