Retro Robot Costume Helmet


Become a robot with the Retro Robot Costume Helmet. This helmet covers your full head and face. With eyeholes to look out of you really will be looking like a retro robot.

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Prepare for the RobotsRobots are going to take over the world. It might not be today. It might not be tomorrow. But mark our words, we may find ourselves in the midst of a robot apocalypse that we cannot escape. Will they be friend or foe of humanity? We can’t really be certain at this point. Don’t worry though, because we have a plan that we think will help everyone get a jump on those robots and it all starts with a simple disguise. Just make yourself look like a robot before it all goes down, and you can live peacefully among the robot overlords… or maybe you just want to dress up like a robot for Halloween. Either way, we’ve got you covered!Product DetailsThis Retro Robot Bronze Helmet is the perfect headpiece for fooling any robot. The helmet has a foam construction with a metallic knit fabric on the exterior. The helmet also features a fastener on the chin strap to make for easy fitting. Finally, the helmet comes with built-in goggles to conceal your very human eyes! Just toss it on and you’ll be ready to roam the streets perfectly disguised as a classic robot!

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