Renegade Men’s Costume


Go on the run, and fight the man in this Renegade Men’s Costume. This faux leather jacket, is the perfect dark drifter look you need for Halloween. Or any other day of the week!

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Fashion in a CrisisWe love a good dystopian or apocalyptic movie. From comedy to horror, variations of this desolate landscape have featured in stories of every genre. But we have one question for the characters. How do they stay stylish in an age of nuclear fallout, or zombies, or totalitarian governments? Their clothes, while often scrappy and dirty, are also oddly fashionable. We know that this is because there are costume designers and Hollywood isn’t real, but still! We think there will always be people who care about what they wear, no matter what the world is like. Now you can try your hand at this gritty style in a Renegade Men’s Costume!Product DetailsThis costume is the jacket pictured on the model. Made to look like distressed leather, the faux material is black and features criss-crossing strips of the same material across the front. The panel of strips hides the zipper and fastens with a few bottons on the side. Gleaming studs also add to the grunge factor of this jacket. Now, you can accessorize this jacket however you like! Some ripped pants would work well, and your oldest pair of boots. If you’d like a cowboy hat like the gentleman pictured, check out our website for some options!Ready to RideIt’s a tough world out there, but in this rugged piece, you are ready for anything. Whether it’s zombies, soldiers, or zombie soldiers, we know you’ve got what it takes to come out on top. Let’s move out! 

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