Red Power Ranger Toddler Costume


Become the leader of the team and protect the neighborhood dressed up as the Red Power Ranger Toddler Costume. Fight the enemies that come around to try and scare those in your vicinity.

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Mighty and Morphin’Fighting for the good of all mankind is a tough job for anybody, but even more when you have to accomplish that noble goal in the midst of all the other kids at daycare. They all seem to thrive on villainy, so your pursuit of justice is sometimes hampered by their malignant natures.Still, as you rush around the playground castigating evil-doers with your mighty morphin’ powers, you wish that there was more that you could do. Maybe one day you will find a cure for all the evils of the world, but, until then, you will have to settle for tattling whenever someone does something bad.Red-y to Fight!Fighting for your life and for all of humanity can be a rough gig, which is why we recommend that you wear this Disguise Red Power Ranger Toddler Costume. This one-piece jumpsuit looks just like the one worn in the actual Power Rangers show, but with some small improvements. Instead of being a heavy suit of armor, this comfortable cloth sits snugly on your frame, allowing you full range of motion for all your awesome moves. The built-in muscles and the mask will make everyone around you swear that the real Red Ranger is here to save the day!Fighting for GoodIf you are looking for the perfect Red Ranger costume for your child, then look no further! They will love fighting evil in this comfortable, true-to-show costume. Just make sure to avoid mentioning Master Vile or Rita Repulsa around him when he’s in character!

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