RBG Justice Kit


Cannot get enough of the Ruth Bader Ginsburg? Now you can dress just like her with this RBG Kit! This kit includes the iconic lace color that RBG wears while court is in session.

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Quick JusticeRuth Bader Ginsburg didn’t set out to be an icon. However, kicking social justice butt and taking names made her the notorious R.B.G.—a role model for everyone. Want to be just like Justice Ginsburg when you’re all grown up? We applaud the desire and wish you the best of luck. It’s a long road ahead. You’ll face years of schooling, hard studies, a competitive industry, a chaotic world full of causes you could make your focus, and so much more. If only there were a shortcut…Okay, we can’t race you to the front of the law school admittance line. We have zero ability to get you nominated for a seat on the US Supreme Court either. But we can get you looking the part, and if nothing else, that’s sure to make you feel like a real star at your next costume party!Product DetailsWhether you’re judging a costume competition or waiting to be appointed the top prize, this RBG Judge Kit is sure to help! Featuring everything but the black gown, you’ll have what you need to become the iconic Justice Ginsburg. Inspired by her most recognizable ensemble, you’ll find a crocheted lace collar, green clip-on earrings, a bun-styled wig, and thick-rimmed eyeglasses in this inclusive accessory set.

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