Rainbow Scarf with Hidden Pocket


Complete your look with this Rainbow Scarf with a Hidden Pocket. This scarf is the perfect accessory for St. Patrick’s Day, Pride events or everyday wear.

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Warm and FuzzyYou’re not entirely sure why, but rainbows make you feel warm. Knowing how rainbows work, you should physically feel a bit of a chill when you can see a rainbow—just after the rain, the air tends to be a bit cooler. But something about the colors and the fact that the sun is shining just makes you experience a warm and fuzzy sensation. If we were psychologists, we’d probably dig into your memories for times that the sun was shining on a rainy day or the first time you saw a rainbow. We’d want to know how you were feeling then and probably relate the situations to each other. But, we’re not psychologists. We’re costume people. So, instead, we’re going to help you make that intangible feeling tangible!Product DescriptionWrap yourself up in a familiar sunshiney feeling with this Rainbow Plush Scarf! Made with super-soft, rainbow-striped fabric and featuring two bright white, faux fur clouds, this cheerful scarf is the physical representation of your happy-thoughts. A hidden pocket at one end of the scarf lets you safely carry the essentials as well—another great reason to smile. Cozy and colorful, this unique accessory is the perfect addition to your year-round wardrobe!

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