Rainbow Gogo Boots Women’s


Jump on the dance floor in these Women’s Rainbow Gogo Boots. These shiny, metallic boots are calf high and are sure to impress.

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A Fashionable RebootThere are times you just want to take it easy. You know, curl up on the couch with some snacks and a show that’s just interesting enough that it doesn’t annoy you when you’re scrolling through your phone and dozing off. But then an opportunity to dress up rolls along and that cozy person you once were seems to disappear in an instant. You are no longer a couch potato, you’re a disco maven!Product DetailsThese go-go boots have the potential to be an awesome staple in your costume wardrobe. Zipping up the inner side, the shiny, sparkly rainbow color is sleek and uninterrupted. The three-inch heel adds just enough lift to elevate your outfit without making you to uncomfortable to dance. Anti-skid soles will keep you upright just as the colors will make your costume outta sight!Big TimeIf you’re planning a disco ensemble then you want big hair, big makeup, and big jewelry! When the mood hits, your wardrobe needs to be there to help you make up for lost time. Are you ready to fully dive into your next costume? If you want to be over the top, through and through, you can’t forget about your shoes. If you want to flaunt your true, go-go colors these wild rainbow boots will be there when the mood takes you.

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