Rainbow Cat Eye Goggles


Let your inner feline out this Halloween by adding these fun Cat Eye Rainbow Goggles to your costume. Don’t miss out on looking this purrrfectly grooovy!

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Need a savvy superhero style? Then just throw on these cool Rainbow Cat Eye Goggles, and you are ready to roll out into whatever conflict that needs your heroism. These goggles look great with any Catwoman costume and any snowboarding get-up! Their black plastic frames have smoky lenses with an iridescent outer coating, with a foam padding on the inner edge of goggles and a length adjustable elastic strap around the back of the head.If you want to be a bit more creative, you can assemble your own costume. With the help of these cool goggles, no task is too big, nothing is impossible. Team up with other heroes and start fighting crime, or pop these onto your noggin before you hit the slopes. Don’t forget who recommended these to you when you start reaping in all those rewards and/or competition winnings!

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