Rainbow Borealis Heartfelted Witch Costume Hat


This is the perfect addition to any witch costume! The Rainbow Borealis Heartfelted Witch Costume Hat features a tall rainbow design that will for sure get you noticed this Halloween!

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Color Magick ConundrumYou already know each color has a different magical property. And having done your research, you’re pretty secure in understanding how to incorporate each into your life as needed. Now, as you stare at your witch Halloween costume, however, you’re not sure which color it should feature. Yellow to lighten the sometimes heavy feeling of fall would be good. Orange to keep yourself feeling creative and inspired isn’t a bad idea either. Bonus that it’s one of Halloween’s traditional colors anyway! But then red for passion would be great at your friend’s costume party, and pink wouldn’t hurt either. In fact, pink would boost your confidence nicely. But then there’s purple—being able to read the room with little effort would make party-going easier. Though, blue would just keep you calm. Of course, green may be best. After all, it could help you score that first-place prize for best costume.Product DescriptionSkip the confusion and just pick all the colors! Let every bit of color magick flow through your Halloween costume with this Rainbow Borealis Heartfelted Witch Hat! The felted wool hat features every color of the rainbow and is made with versatility in mind. The stiffer material telescopes, so you can stretch it to its full length and fold it back in for a shorter look. Show off the entire section of each color, or let them just peek out from one another. Paired with any colorful or muted outfit, the vibrant accessory is sure to enchant!

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