Raccoon Costume Kit


Be the best raccoon you can be in this raccoon costume accessory kit. It works for both adults and kids!

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Born to be WildIf you ask us, we’re pretty sure life as a raccoon would be a lot of fun. They basically have a license to be mischevious since birth. They are dressed for the job they want as soon as they leave the den, black masks keeping their adorable faces hidden in the woods. They are one of those animals that don’t mind that we humans are around. We shouldn’t kid ourselves into thinking we can outsmart them. They’ve got dexterous hands and crafty minds and they are much faster than us. They’ve passed down the ancient art of opening our coolers so when we go camping in their territory, they have an easy time stealing egg salad sandwiches and bags of marshmallows. Think you’ve got you trash secured? Well, you might find a raccoon brazenly sneaking through the dog door to steal handfuls of pet food right from your house! This is true, we saw it on Youtube! The thing is, we can’t hold it against these creatures, they were just born to be wild!Product DescriptionYou’ll be ready for mischief once you’ve got your paws on this handy set! The mask is a soft faux leather with ribbon ties to keep it in place. You’ll also get fuzzy ears attached to a headband and a fluffy gray and white tail that loops onto a belt or can be pinned to clothing. The rest of the outfit is up to you, just do us a favor and stay out of any dumpsters. Off like a Bandit!Once you’ve got this kit, your raccoon costume can be dressed up or down. Pin the tail to a black dress with a pair of our cropped gloves if you want to be fancy. Want to keep your presence on the down low? Simply wear it with a black pair of pants and a t-shirt and you’ll be ready to go! From school or work to an after-hours party, this kit is almost as versatile as a raccoon is crafty!

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