Pumpkin Over the Knee Socks


Get these super cute Pumpkin Over the Knee Socks and add some cool style to your look this Halloween season.

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Spirited CelebrationWho says Halloween can only last one night? Sure, it may only be appropriate to ring neighbors’ doorbells and ask for candy on October 31st, but the spirit of Halloween (and the smell of fun-sized candy) lingers in the air for much longer. And this may not come as a huge shock to you, but we fully encourage any action you can take to prolong the essence of Halloween. We’re big fans! Take these Over the Knee Pumpkin socks, for instance. With this Halloween-inspired pair, you can easily turn any random Tuesday in October into a cause for celebration. Or, you can turn any fall celebration into a Halloween-themed event by showing up with this tall pair beneath your orange dress. And just like that, you’ve turned All Hallows Eve into All Hallows Month. Bravo!Product DetailsThis black knit pair is simple and straightforward, with a glowing orange jack o’ lantern on each knee and a matching orange heel patch to brighten your step. Wear ’em under a host of shorts, skirts, dresses, and costumes to keep cozy and capture the spirit of your favorite holiday, daily!All Year CheerReally, who’s to say you can’t curl up with this pair on a particularly raining spring day? Or a cool summer evening? No one! With this darling, dark pair of thigh-high socks, you can keep Halloween alive year-round. We love it!

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