Pumpkin Creepy Makeup Kit


Complete that scary costume this fall with this Creepy Pumpkin Makeup Kit. You’ll be a walking nightmare.

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your year to shineYour neighborhood has a contest every year for the best-decorated house. Fun! Except last year, the award went to the Sanderson sisters! Ugh. They don’t even like Halloween and word is, they hired professionals to help them decorate (strictly against the rules).Not to worry. This year, you’re pulling out all the stops. Extra cobwebs, really scary lawn ornaments, horrifying sound recordings—the works. We want to help you think of everything, down the last detail, so we suggest replacing the (yawn) traditional lights behind your cobwebs with real candles! Next up, we need to carve the pumpkins!WHAT? YOU FORGOT THE PUMPKINS, OF ALL THINGS?!product detailsAlright, quickly, put on this Creepy Pumpkin Makeup Kit. You’re going to be the pumpkin this year. It doesn’t matter how you apply it as long as we have pumpkins for when the judges roll through! Some of them like scary, some are less easy to please. Maybe err on the side of creepy. Just read the tattoo application instructions on the back and use the cream make-up to become this year’s winning Halloween decoration. You can’t go through with the contest without a pumpkin — that’s disqualifying!

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