Precious Cargo Women’s Costume


Show up to the party packing what the haters are lacking with this Women’s Precious Cargo Costume! No need for rush delivery, you’ll show up when you’re ready!

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Keeping CoolLong days of delivering treasures all across the country can definitely work up a sweat. That’s going to be true whether you’re in the midst of summer or even on those crisp autumn days! So, any of our noble parcel protectors deserve comfort for those long hours on the road! That’s why we have to vouch for the new delivery service hitting the streets. Handle With Care ensures that your items will arrive timely and in pristine condition, and the working atmosphere is ideal, too! Free snacks in the truck are only the start of your perks. Self-driving vehicles? What else can we offer!? Well, how about a uniform that is not only cool but fun to wear, too!? Ditch the standard delivery duds and upgrade to an outfit that is perfect for any outing!Product DetailsWhether you’re actually looking to get on the road or just enjoying the idea of dressing up like part of the service industry, this Women’s Precious Cargo costume is perfect for you! This complete ensemble is a delightful twist on the standard parcel delivery uniform. The shirt has metal snaps at the front and bares your midriff. A handle with care patch rests on the front and matches the one on the hat. Short shorts, tall stockings, and fingerless gloves complete this outfit.

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